My First Time Smoking Weed


The First Time I Got High:

It was on a warm spring afternoon in Niagara, Ontario, myself and some peers found ourselves in one of our friends backyard. Take in mind, we were 16 years old and our high school day had just ended. Up to this point, I had never taken a proper hit from a joint. I mean, I took a hit but I didn’t inhale. This is when I was introduced to an unfamiliar device bong (not so unfamiliar now).

I didn’t have much planned for the rest of the day, so I let my 16 year old self say “screw it” and this is when it all happened. I asked someone to set me up because the process at the time seemed so overwhelming.

I was new, a rookie, a boy scout when it came to smoking. So, I asked for assistance. Who knew that getting stoned was such a process? I didn’t know where to start, luckily and thankfully my friends sorted me out. Now I know, you pack the bowl, fill it with water but not too much water. Then, light the bowl (hopefully not burn your finger), inhale but not too hard or you’ll get a mouthful of bong water. See, the key for me was persistence (and listening to my experienced friends).

Next thing I knew, I was coughing violently. Which then followed by a shortage of air, but that all soon passed and was taken care of by a few sips of water. And then it hit me.




It All Began..

“So this is what being high is like” I thought to myself. “Interesting… I don’t feel anything really…. man, my throat is dry…maybe I should get some water…what time is it? I hope I don’t look stoned right now” were all thoughts I had to myself as I sat in a lawn chair staring into a blank space. After 5 minutes, I calmed down and I felt things I have never experienced.

I perceived things differently when I was on cannabis, I began to view things with a different mentality.

It was almost like I was able to achieve a different state of mind through smoking cannabis. I interpreted music differently, food tasted better, and one of my favorite effects was it helped me fall asleep. One thing cannot be denied about the devils lettuce: the munchies were a real thing.

Another conclusion I came to that afternoon, was that, there was never a point where I felt overwhelmed or in danger. Which was odd to me. Because this “drug” at the time was often associated with criminals, being lazy, a life ruin er and the stereotypes went on. I wanted to learn more, which led to me going online and googling “a history of weed”. It was that very moment, my 16 year old self began my journey with cannabis.


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