How to Properly Store Your Cannabis


If you’re the kind to purchase bud in large quantities or just don’t smoke too regularly, we can assume you’ve ended with older
tobacco on your palms. You can say something’s off when you compress the dried, light nugs. You may require something to weed, but would the old weed even makes you high? Also, if it did, what would the taste be like?

No concern about the answers; you’re most likely admiring how you can prevent your weed from becoming like that again.
Well, you can’t prevent the ageing method, but you can surely slow it down! Beyond all, you’ll require to make assured that your weed is expertly preserved, stored in optimal boxes, and put in a cool room at the proper temperature and moisture.

What Causes Weed to Age?

We’ve alluded to specific causes of weed ageing, but let’s go ahead and break the issues down into clear terms.


You have to maintain exact stability when it comes to moisture and cannabis. If your storing method carries too much moisture, you run the chance of mould infestation. If it isn’t humid complete, though, the terpenes and cannabinoids will stop withering away. Thus while they’re many various outcomes, the difficulty is equal between them.


Often going hand-to-hand with excess humidity, great temperatures can accelerate the degeneration of cannabinoids and terpenes. So ordinarily, you should ensure your weed storing area doesn’t get warmer than 25.5ºC (78ºF). Naturally enough, this is because any conditions between 25.5–30ºC (78–86ºF) are prime for mildew and mould increase.


In short, a determined UV light will arrive a heavy blow on the influence on terpenes, THC, and cannabinoids. This is uniquely
problematic in tropical regions, where it combines forces with moisture, and warmness may harm your stash. Container Materials Ultimately, while many aren’t even informed of this, your container’s plate element can have a direct influence on your weed’s ageing method. See, while several place their weed in synthetic containers, the material can generate your stash to “sweat”. This indicates, as, with actual sweating, your weed will lose its inner moisture. It’ll end up dry and cracked as a result.

To Cap Off Our Discussion

We believed we’d take a look at those personalities fighting against the idea of age being a drawback to cannabis. See, for some characters, a curing process is an art form. for amateurs of grown weed, the excellent taste of a strain emerges with time, and some think it necessary to wait at least five months after preserving before smoking their stash.

This is yet a very new school of thinking, though. In general, we wouldn’t suggest trying it, except you have long experience with
cannabis. Yet, your journey with weed is your personal, and we don’t want to stop you from testing!

Similarly, cruel UV beams will make the paint tone on your vehicle look dull or add features to your late spring hair, so too will it consume the most significant mixtures in your cannabis plant, cannabinoids and terpenes. To keep away from an awkward loss of these significant synthetic substances, get your cannabis in misty compartments far from an immediate light source.

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